Griffin Tower Base

Ruins near the base of Griffin Tower, which held many defense efforts by the Allied Team.

The Struggle of Šiljórti, as it is called, is the war waged in between the Leveral Powers and the Allied Team.

Reasons for the ConflictEdit

The discord actually started in 2007, but the Leveral Powers' General of Witches, Angelica Swann, declared war on 1/30/12 after the Witch Queen, Electreco, was kidnapped on November 11, 2011.

Major BattlesEdit


The first of the major battles was in July 2012, with the unsuccessful Leveral invasion of the Lyonne Forest. Shortly thereafter, the Leveral Powers sent a team to capture the Elvish homeland. They succeeded, but one month later the Elves held a rebellion and drove out the Leverals. Later that year, on December 16th the Allied Team led the invasion of Witch Corporation Town. We (the Allied Team) succeeded and also held off opposing forces from Griffin Tower and Wizard City. The Allied Team was victorious for a short while.


Five and a half months later, there was another invasion. The Leveral Powers dropped many Orcs and Goblins into the enormous courtyard of the Genie Palace. Many Genies stayed to fight and the battle was won. No Allied casualties, just Leveral casualties. The Allied Powers had the upper hand.